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Inspiration from Brilliant Minds

Inspiration from Brilliant Minds
Painting is an attempt to come to terms with life. There are as many solutions as there are human beings. - George Tooker

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring It On!

Spring has been shy this year. One day of teasing 70's then 40's the very next day.  Alfred Hitchcock on the left and  Tippi Hedren on the right enjoyed a warm day on the porch on Sunday.

I wonder if they miss old Yoshi barking at them.  He loved those birds and would watch them for hours.
Old Yosh' died about this time two years ago and Joe and I still expect him to greet us when we return home.

He just knew there was a secret passageway through the bottom of that table!

Yosh' is buried not far from these porch steps.  He lived to be 15.  105 in dog years. He was a great dog and it has taken us this long to consider getting another one. Joe has been scouting out for red, smooth haired, boy dachshund pups, so it won't be long until Tippi and Al have a furry companion again.

I have a jump on the Spring spruce up this year. I had Mom's house painted last week. She lives right next door. Window trim, doors, shutters, eves and gutters all freshly painted. Mom is as thrilled with it as an 83 year old woman can be!
I walked around our yard with the camera on Sunday. The plants are starting to show signs of Spring.
It stayed warm long enough last week for my day lilies to risk popping up.

The trees are still bare, but show signs of waking up.  See this tiny fleur-de-lis shaped sprout?

These two rows of Bradford Pear are always the first act of the Spring flower show. My dad planted these behind my parent's house about 12 years ago. 

More tender spouts. Fuzzy leaves of  Lamb's Ear.  I took these pictures as the sun was getting low. Shadows were long and I liked how the light brushed the edges of the tiny plants. 

The sun hid for just a moment behind a long skinny cloud. Still a bit more light.

When I turned around to head back inside, I found the moon rising over the house.
It was so bright last night, making eerie moon shadows on the lawn.

Strange seeing it looking so big in a clear blue sky.

A bloom on my Star Magnolia! A tiny tree under our bedroom window. I hardly notice it except in early early Spring when it does this.
In a few weeks these trees will be covered with fresh chartreuse leaves. 
Maybe we'll have a new dachshund pup.
Or maybe I'll have a yard sale!  
These lobster traps have been laying next to the back porch for 10 years.
Somebody out there really needs some lobster traps!

How about these wood covered bottles?  Would you buy these at a yard sale?
I know I would, because I did!  
Now it's time for them to go.
OUT with the old!!!  In with the new!
I hope it's warming up where you are.

Love to you all, 
A dachshund springing into action.


Kristen said...

i love the lobster traps, i want 'em!

Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

It looks beautiful around your house Ronnie. We had a week of a spring tease and now it's raining again. Oh well, it'll just bring more wild flowers.

Take your time getting a new dog. When our first Pug passed away, it took me a long time to get another one. My heart was just too broken. Now I have my 3 gasaholics!

Shannon and the Gang

Sandy Mastroni said...

oh my gosh Ronnie ... what a fun post
I love your Hitchcock birds and little dog
and that video was so great !
Get another dog , get another dog , get another dog !
If I moved down south I want a house like your mom's
Is there another house on your street for sale ?
hey > I actually posted today !

The Vintage Sister said...

Get a dog! Get a dog!!
We want one too but our cats are 16and 17 and we don't think it would be nice to torture them for the duration of their life:)

Your pictures remind me of how much I miss living near the water.
Maybe in my next life....

Happy Easter to you!!


Awesome covered bottles! Good score :)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Those wood jugs are incredible! I'd buy one!

Lydia said...

Beautiful pear trees! I used to have one in my first house as an infant/toddler. I loved eating those pears! Great memories:)

Çene cerrahisi said...

Oh, Vanessa! I should really be packing but I just HAD to say how wonderful these little people (and hybrids, and fungi) are. SO beautiful, really, and so much character. And I adore their little foodstuffs!! I have a book on making household objects for dolls and I've been dying to make some mini blanc-mange, and those pies have further inspired me...Gorgeous!!! And their hair, and their little paper clothes...they are really exceptional.

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