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Hi, my name is Ronnie. I am an American Contemporary Folk Artist. I conjure up images, then paint them on canvas. This makes me happy. Nice to meet you.

Inspiration from Brilliant Minds

Inspiration from Brilliant Minds
Painting is an attempt to come to terms with life. There are as many solutions as there are human beings. - George Tooker

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

F-O-R-D Found On Road Dead

I'm painting again. This time the gallery gave me a theme. 
How nice.
The 1920's.  
Okay! I'll paint a 1929 Ford. 
I had fun with Ben's car!  : D

Things were going well.  
Then for some hair brained reason I thought "it needs more"
So, I added wings.

Okay. Now it has become a BEE CAR! 
We have a theme going. Let's throw some honeycomb on the radiator! 
Great! Now what?  Fill the cockpit with bees? One bee? Why? 
I've lost it.  
When will I ever learn that I can't wing it (ha).
If I don't plan things out in detail, on paper, I run into a truck (car) load of frustration.
It goes something like this....
I'm working happily...(add some whistling)
go-o-o-oing with the flo-o-o-ho-ho-ho...
la la la...
then BLAM, it all starts looking like crapula.   Maybe I'm not as right brained as I'd like to be.
Now I have a Bee Car with wings with an empty cockpit. Shall I add Felix the Cat as the driver (1920's)?  Betty Boop?   Poop.
I decide to get all symbolic on myself trying to make sense from what I've created.
So I add a four leafed clover.  Why? For good luck of course! Because I'm going to need it if I'm ever going to finish this project. 

How about Lucky Lindy, 1927, first solo trans Atlantic flight by Charles Lindbergh.  THIS makes no sense whatsoever!!
Should I paint over the dang clover?
Where's Felix when you need him?
Yours truly,
aka The Whiner


Suzan Buckner said...

well..paint over the clover..add a FLAPPER as a driver, and there you have it! It's going great!! Don't sweat it!! Eat some red meat, wait an hour, and try again..protein increases your creativity..did you know that?

veterankindergartenteacher said...

Wow! You are very talented!!!!!

PJ Hornberger said...

I think Suzan has it... chew on a steak... then put that flapper in the drivers seat... or on the hood... or the side of the road with her thumb out... you're confused now for sure! glad to be of help!

Susan said...

Remember that F.O.R.D. also stands for Fix Or Repair Daily. Work it until it works for you. Have fun!

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Ronnie! I think it is coming along nicely! The answer will come to you! :-)

Ronnie said...

Thanks you guys! The feedback helps so much.

Ronnie said...

Thanks you guys! The feedback helps so much.