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Inspiration from Brilliant Minds

Inspiration from Brilliant Minds
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brit Blast from the Past

My sis went to England this week. This has me reminiscing on a trip I took with my sisters to England this month two years ago. One of the first pictures I took. He looked so English that I couldn't resist.
We stayed here with a handsome Barrister and his family. A lovely three story townhouse. They treated us royally (no pun intended) and fed us in English gourmet style.
First day out we ended up here in front of the Dusty Fox Pub. We're holding each other up after a few too many stouts! Me on the left.
We chatted up a storm through the village with big sis, the photographer, trying for the perfect shot.
A walk through the countryside.
A house I'd dream of living in.
The Barrister sends us off with The Full Monty. The traditional English breakfast.
Next, we stayed here. Fawsley Hall. There in the mist! What a gorgeous place.
Accommodations were astounding! We were jumping for joy when we walked in! Wow!
We positioned our chairs at the window overlooking the garden for our morning tea and decided we were pretty darn lucky!
We were so thrilled we decided to document the moment wearing our new hats. Yeah, that's Cary Grant. He spent the night with us too! Little sis in the good guy white hat, me in the elegant black. I positioned the camera at the foot of the bed and set the timer. The first two shots were of me flying through the air in a blur, the billowing comforter and then the quick SMILE! NOW!
After waaaay too much to eat and drink we took a walk in the morning. We found this fisherman by the pond wrestling an extraordinary fish! He was not interested in the least by our attempts at conversation! Good Morning! Whatcha got there?!
Grumble grrrr...#@!*X&#... a pike. It's a PIKE!
Striking the goofy adventure pose in the cemetery.
Then there was the night at the lovely Carriage House Inn! Less than stellar! That phone is a fake and I swear the mattress was stuffed with cardboard boxes! I guarded myself from the slimy headboard with the extra pillow! But we had fun here talking stupid sister stuff and laughing 'til we conked out for the night.
On to London! Westminster Abbey!
Trafalger Square....
Buckingham Palace. We knocked. No answer! Italian girl wanted the gate all to herself.
On the train heading for home.
There were a pile of pictures, but there are things to do here in McDonough, so I'll say goodbye for now to my thoughts of England. Have a good time in England, sis! Get well other sis!
Have a fab day, folks!
Ronnie-in a small town in Georgia USA


Anne said...

Such great pictures! Thanks for sharing them! :-)

Susan said...

What great pictures. My hubby has a family member that now lives in England. Maybe someday we will make the trip. These photos are motivation! BTW, so very glad you like the Minnie Mouse. Take care, Susan

Sarah said...

Oh thank you for sharing these!! I'm green - really am! I would give my left arm to do that with my two sisters - how very much fun. Beautiful pictures - what a wonderful time!!! Sarah

aliceinparis said...

Makes me want to leap onto a plane and fly away! Was the barrister running a B&B? Love that Hall place:) Wow!

Mercy said...

hey cool england *flails* i live there! looks like you had our typical weather,, but seeing it from your prespective i can see why peopel like england. Woa look at that bedroom!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a fun trip. No fair. I've never slept with Cary Grant. Ha ha.
Looks like you had a blast!
Hugs to you!

StudioCherie said...

So much fun paging through your mini photo album. I've decided I like Pike, such a large mouth...I guess it reminds me of myself.

Jenn said...

SUPER photos Ronnie!!!
that countryside and that darling house!?! I think I'm ready to move:) xox...jenn

Lisa said...

I am green
not martian green
envy green...........
wow xx

Sandy Mastroni said...

hey .... guess where that little pillow is going .....
it's going to Jessie Lilac in ENGLAND .
Thank you SO SO much for posting about my give away
I loved your photos . OH I would love to go to England !
Thank you Ronnie

twolefthands said...

How lucky you had such a fabulous vacation with your sisters! What a lovely memory to cherish! England is gorgeous, I keep wishing!

Renee said...

I hope your sister gets well soon and is not suffering from anything serious.

You are beautiful.

Sisters are a wonderful things aren't they Ronnie?

xoxo said...

Wow! What a cool trip! Certainly looks like a good time had by all. I am ready for a vacation!