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Inspiration from Brilliant Minds

Inspiration from Brilliant Minds
Painting is an attempt to come to terms with life. There are as many solutions as there are human beings. - George Tooker

Monday, January 26, 2009

Third Victim in the Family Faces Series!

When I looked at this photo of my oldest grandson, it said, "I'm a monk. Paint me."
I waffled a bit, waking up one night with an image of this cherubic face as a Pentecostal Southern snake handling preacher, but I came to my senses by morning. This is a collection of things I gathered as inspiration...the Dalai Lama and a book on 1000 year old Indian paintings and a box of Yogi Tea which is down in the kitchen.
The black and white copy enlargement of the face is from the smaller color picture. First off, I colorized the photo using acrylic paints and Prismacolor pencils. You'll see the results of that at the end.
Here is my finished drawing. I later transferred it to a 12"x16" canvas.
Painted the canvas a BRIGHT orange then washed it in a khaki color then ragged with burnt umber. My photos drive me crazy! They don't show any of the subtle colors or patterns.
I've chosen my color scheme and started painting. I white-out the face so the dark background doesn't show through when I apply the face.
Did some striae on the blue and added some trim designs. Then I COMPLETELY lost myself and forgot to take any pictures until I was done.....
Which is here. Click the pic for a closer look.
YOU are handing him a cup of good old Yogi Tea! And he is very grateful.
This boy is so adorable, I could have painted a wort hog around him and he'd still look cute.
Later gators,


Buskitten said...

Well, as usual Ronnie, I'm utterly speechless at hoe beautifully you paint! I love scrolling down the page and seeing the magic of your work unfold - you are quite amazing! He is a beautiful boy, with such an exqusite face, lovely!

Susan said...

This is wonderful. Such a cutie. Take care, Susan.

aliceinparis said...

I LOVE this. My fave so far:)) But then I am partial to Buddhist and Eastern things. His wee face is angelic and so wise:) Love it!
Cheers, Shelagh


oh my gawd, look at that cute face!

turtue said...

That's 'Cauley to a T. Glad to hear the snakehandler bit the dust.
Perfection, Ronnoir.
Turtle (yes, your sister, not some other turtle)

cindy said...

Oh my gosh...that is amazing! I love it! You are very talented and he is quite the handsome young man!


B said...

This one is by far my favorite so far. That face is so angelic and your finished result is amazing. You really do shock me with your abilities each and every time.

Kaili said...

Wow, I really love watching the process. Its fun, and I find that I always pick up something new! Thankyou so much for sharing Ronnie!

twolefthands said...

What a wonderful painting and such a precious grandson!

PJ's talking2.... said...

OK, that's it. I gotta try this. I've used photos before, but never like this. I love that face. You're right, with that sweet face, he could sell anything. Thanks for mentioning the size. I had it in my head these were huge. I love this!

Ronnie said...

(((((You guys are too sweet. All fuel for the creative BONFIRE!!!!))) :)
You're right PJ. That face could sell chicken manure.

Linda East said...

Oh Ronnie..this is awesome..I loved seeing the process..sometimes
when I am "on a roll" working on a piece of art I forget to stop and take pics..this is great. I have some pics of paintings I did of my grand daughter as an angel and this painting of your grandson reminded me of that experience. Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your art with the world.
Create & Share
Linda (Okla)

Jessie Lilac said...

Hi Ronnie, thanks for coming over to visit my blog :)
This painting is astonishing and he's so cute! I've had a quick peep at your Etsy shop too - lovely work!x

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Ronnie, you amaze me. Seriously.

I wish we lived closer. I'd come over with coffee and mooch off your creativity!

Julie Beck said...

wow! this is incredible! LOVE the color palette in this!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hi there, so glad you came by my blog. Have you decided to participate in the Valentine Swap? Just let me know. Thanks! Renea

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

OOPS--forgot to mention, if you do want to participate in the Valentine Swap please send me an email with your address. Thanks! Renea

tascha said...

FANTASTIC! It worked out so naturally!

Cecilia Levy said...

Wow, I love these portraits you do, they're excellent! You have a lot of different talents :)
Thanks for your lovely comments and for taking part in my little blog celebration!

Renee said...

Is he every adorable. Great choice, so glad you did not do the snake charmer.

Love Renee

cata said...

Love your art!
This is a gorgeus idea!
REgards from Tuscany.

Anne said...

This is adorable! Super fanatastic! I love it! :-)

And thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

Mar said...

a friend directed me to this piece
and i am so glad she did
this is a delightful painting
and whata face!!!!
he is plainly adorable
monk or angel of otherwise...!

studio lolo said...

I followed you back from my place :)

This is stunning! Is his face a photo transfer? I'm confused, but it's easy to confuse me!
It's a really beautiful piece and a great idea.

I've enjoyed browsing your blog and starting my day with a smile!

I'd be happy to send you a card of that dog on my avatar. You can send me your mailing address by emailing me through my website link so you don't have to post it for the world to see.
I like giving things away!