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Hi, my name is Ronnie. I am an American Contemporary Folk Artist. I conjure up images, then paint them on canvas. This makes me happy. Nice to meet you.

Inspiration from Brilliant Minds

Inspiration from Brilliant Minds
Painting is an attempt to come to terms with life. There are as many solutions as there are human beings. - George Tooker

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Second Victim in the Family Faces Series

Hey Y'all! Here's another one. This one is based on a 1950's black and white photo of my big sis when she was a tyke. Tomato Boy is my grandson.
These are mixed media. I take a photo and blow it up to the size I want, then "wash it out". This takes a lot of the detail out of the face. Then I add it back using Prismacolor pencil and acrylic paint. Doesn't always work. This one gave me a heck of a time, but it WAS my sister.
Then, I cut out the photo and create the painting around it. The result is, it's hard to tell what I did!

Painted the canvas yellow this time. Then painted on this sharp little red dress. I did most of the work on the face before putting it on the canvas. But worked on it more as you'll see here....
Painted her eyes blue. Gave her a Brite Smile treatment, more color on her face, added the bows and got the pie basecoated. Lots more lettering to do. Blaahhhh.
Sorry, I got carried away and forgot to take pictures. Almost done here. This took a bunch of hours!!!
Here she is finished with white distressing added which I wonder if I like. I guess I can tone it down.
That's it for today. I have to clean my house. It's a holy wreck! And my husband will give me that look when he gets home.
When that's done I'll start number three. Weeeeee! Have a great day bloggers.
Ronnie with a stiff neck in Georgia
WOW! She just SOLD on etsy! Hip Hip Hooray!



haaaaa, I so understand the stiff neck :D
You crack me up, Ronnie!
I love the pie!
The whole shebang is fun!

Buskitten said...

Wow! I really love these pieces, Ronnie - I'm a big fan of the era, but also of your fabulous technique. I can't believe you're self-taught! You are quite brilliant. Are you submitting these to an agent or a gallery? The quality of your painting is awesome, I would love some lessons (very afraid of paint!) but I think I'm a little too far away! How many hours do you reckon from start to finish, ish?

Rebecca Ramsey said...

You are amazing! I LOVE this! What a fun treasure!

aliceinparis said...

These are great! So full of life. I am fascinated by the transfer stuff.

B said...

Hey Ms. Stiff Neck! This is a great little series your working on. You always have such great ideas and you constantly amaze me, but all in good ways.

Renee said...

Ronnie amazing.

Your grandson is gorgeous. My granddaughter Josephine is going to be 2 on June 1st, so I understand the love.

Your sister looks great but I loved when you said it gave you difficulty after all she is my sister. Very cute.

Love Renee

Anonymous said...

It's mine!!!!! I want it!!!!!! What do you mean it's already been sold??????

Your BIG sis.......

Ronnie said...

ANDY is that you! How did you break into my blog. Can't a sister have any privacy?!
You know I can do another one.
I will get started ASAP! Do not fear! Super painter sister is here!
You're not crying are you?
Do you want a red dress or a blue one. bows or a helmet.
Seriously, that lady was fast! She wanted it bad. And she had the $$$
Love, Ronnie

PJ's talking2.... said...

I'm just not gettin' how you do the faces. duh... speak slower... I'm dying to try it, in a PJ kinda way...
She is so pretty! ~PJ

Leslie said...

Nice work Ronnie-thanks for sharing how you made this too. Congrats on selling it right away too! I have yet to get set up on Etsy...but I will someday.

Love what you do!


Carol Schiff Studio said...

I'm not sure what you did here, but it is great! Tell me more. You are obviously a very talented lady and I think I wish I were you!