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Hi, my name is Ronnie. I am an American Contemporary Folk Artist. I conjure up images, then paint them on canvas. This makes me happy. Nice to meet you.

Inspiration from Brilliant Minds

Inspiration from Brilliant Minds
Painting is an attempt to come to terms with life. There are as many solutions as there are human beings. - George Tooker

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My prize - made by "B"

Feast your eyes bloggers. I won this in B's giveaway last week. The purse. It arrived today and I want to leave no doubt how much I love this iddy biddy pink purse. It is more useful than a husband and prettier too.
Here you see it carrying my brushes. No, that would be the last photo. Quick, scroll down to the end then back up.

But there's more.

It keeps your beer cool!

Great for Cheerios and...
(that's not right#*X?)

washes up soooo easy.

Holds JunkerJane's monsters.

Perfect for clean-up in the shower.

Drat! I can't get the pictures to jibe with my words. Just use your imagination.
Well, that one went in wrong. Look backwards. Yeah, that's it.

Yard work. Gotcha covered.

But where it really comes in handy is a night on the town. Pink a dink a doo!
(See top photo with dark bar-like lighting.)

Good Grief! This display is not remotely like I planned.
Anyway, I want B to know how much I like my prize. Thanks B.
You'll find B right here at Simply B!
Visit her today. She is in shock after her giveaway.
Dirty rotten bloggers tried for the pink purse and then left B all alone.

...Cheerios and milk on your left

If you're wondering, those are wax lips in the top photo. Maybe I'll do my own giveaway. Wax lips anyone? Have the best day ever.



Buskitten said...

Wow! That is lovely Ronnie - how lucky you were to win it!
I wanted to say a big BIG thank you for leaving such lovely, encouraging comments about my work. I emailed you to say thanks, but it's got 'lost' in cyberspace! (Didn't send!) I often think I have 'missed the boat', trying to be an illustrator at 47, having never really worked professionally. Your comments have really spurred me on to think I can and will do it! Now, I just need that commission!!
Thanks again Ronnie,
Best Wishes,

B said...

Oh my goodness Ronnie! You just made my little day. I laughed so hard looking at all the pictures of my/your purse. So glad it's working for you, and that you love it.

aliceinparis said...

It is always fun to win something and even nicer when it is something you really like!! Cute bag:)

Susan said...

Just popping in to say hi, I saw your comment on Sandy's blog. I also blogged about Sandy recently, I love her art and now that has led me to yours. Your post was so funny, your pictures certainly had a mind of their own. What a cute purse to win. I won one of Sandy's paper dolls, she is so cute. Hope you can come by and visit sometime.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a great prize. Very versatile!
You are too funny!

painter girl said...

Hey Ronnie,
Love the pink useful and just the cutest thing.
You are a lucky one!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Your blog is too funny! Love your art!! Sorry to hear who you voted for, lol.
Thanks for stopping by:)